How to Make Your Hair Colour Last Long

PYou decide it’s time for a colour change and spend a small sum having highlights, lowlights, and perhaps even a glaze put in. The dilemma now is: How will you make that your hair colour endure until next time, regardless of whether you desire a basic, sun-kissed look or a dramatic change? If you have […]

How To Deal With Greasy Hair From Our Vioz Salon Stylist

Everyone has at some point wondered why life has been so unfair to them while having oily hair and scalps. Perhaps you had a crucial meeting or a special date, or you just wanted to feel good for the day. But that could be ruined by your oily hair and How To Get Rid of […]

6 Tips to Repair Summer Damaged Hair

The summer months are fantastic because of the mildness. Unfortunately, there are some negative health effects to enjoying the summer. In addition, we experiences the most Damaged Hair during the summer. The hot summer months make your hair dry, brittle, and more prone to breaking, which is why there is a little increase in hair […]

What is a Hair Gloss Treatment? Ask our Vioz Hairdresser

There are many treatment options available, from professional dye sessions and at-home kits to hair masks and serums, so it’s likely that you’ve tried them all if you’ve been on what seems like a lifelong quest for healthier hair or more vibrant colour. Hair gloss treatment is one trend that might pique your interest. Here, […]

Match the Fall Foliage with These Seasonal Looks

Fall Foliage is the most Instagram able season of the year thanks to pumpkin spice everything, many layers, and the changing hues of the leaves. For students, parents, and teachers, it’s also back-to-school time, so now is the ideal time to change up your appearance. Our Vioz hair colorist explains how to wear caramel, cinnamon, […]

The Difference Between Balayage and Ombre

One morning, when you woke up, your feed was flooded with pictures of people with #ombre vs #balayage. Perhaps nothing has changed since then! This pattern just won’t stop, and for good reason. These in-vogue hues have a pleasing appearance and a pleasing flow. But their unusual resemblance to one another is what most of […]

Best Makeup courses in Delhi

The most crucial piece of equipment in the majority of women’s daily cosmetic arsenal is that many women love wearing makeup. Some people think that wearing makeup is cute. People also use makeup to change their appearance. There are many different types of makeup- foundation, eyeliner, and hair colors are common choices. Many women like […]

Is Nail Art Course The Right Choice For Your Career?

We all enjoy having unique nails, so learning how to create different nail arts has made us very happy. Many people are choosing to pursue careers in Nail Art Course in order to advance their passion. People who are interested in learning nail art tend to be creative, have a passion for nail design, want […]

Tips On How to Make Your Hair Less Greasy

Even the most lazy among us can’t stand having Greasy Hair, so that must be it. Not only does it have a repulsive appearance, but it is also extremely itchy and uncomfortable. But sometimes, we just can’t be bothered with that extra five minutes of shampooing and conditioning, let alone the five hours of having […]

Popular Hair Trends in 2023 from Hair Stylists

Hair Style go back and forth, however there could be no more excellent chance to take a stab at something else than the new year, which is the reason this present time is the ideal opportunity to visit your hair specialist. Assuming you’ve been giving any consideration to virtual entertainment of late you’ve most likely […]

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