Everything You Need to Know About Balayage Hair Colour

Everything You Need to Know About Balayage hair color

What is balayage


The word “balayer” is a translation of the French verb “to sweep.” It is a phrase that describes how the colour is applied rather than the colour itself. In this article we told you a breif explaination about Everything You Need to Know About Balayage Hair Colour.


According to Warren, the balyage process involves painting hair colour into the hair to produce a graded, more realistic-looking highlight effect. Because of this, the final appearance is less striped than previous highlights while yet providing the same exquisite dimension and vibrant colour.


Why is balayage such a hit?


It requires less upkeep than the majority of hair colours. It requires less maintenance because the method creates the appearance of mature roots in a way that is attractive and organic rather than stark and unkempt.


It’s in style. It’s no surprise that the hair colour trend has gained appeal with the general public because celebrities like the Kardashians and Chrissy Teigen brought it to the public’s attention. On Instagram, a search for the hashtag “balayage” returns more than 20 million results.


Balayage vs Highlights


  • Balayage, ombre, babylights, and highlights are just a few examples of many styles and methods that all allude to the same thing: lightening the hair. To achieve the desired look, they can all be mixed. In fact, Blais claims that “a combination of babylights with balayage and ombre” is the most typical inspiration image she encounters. We’ll translate for you:


  • To generate traditional highlights, divide hair into sections and wrap each section in foil from root to tip. According to Barbuto, foil highlights are applied close to the scalp to prevent the surrounding hair from becoming lightened. The outcome will be vibrant, obvious colour lines intertwined throughout the hair..


  • The lighter appearance of balayage is softer and more blended. There is “no line of demarcation… striping, or sharp lines of colour,” according to Blais, and the procedure simulates what would happen to your hair if it were to organically lighten with the sun. Balayage often keeps the root colour consistent and gets rid of any obvious lines of colour, allowing you to wait longer between treatments because it already appears “lived-in.”


What variations of balayage are there?


Even while caramel honey balayage and soft blonde golden highlights are classic hairstyles, the technique has undergone a lot of innovation. For instance, the 3D balayage technique might give it additional depth if you dislike flat colour fill. To give the free-flowing colour additional depth, two colours are employed rather than one, with one of them being a little darker. When compared to virgin hair, the procedure also adds more shadows to your mane, giving it a thicker, more voluminous appearance.


Similar to this, balayage hair colour continues to see the emergence of new trends. Dark brown hair with smokey gold balayage is one of the most popular recent trends.


Popular belief and Balayage


Contrary to popular assumption, balayage is a method of applying colour, not a specific colour. In French, the term means either “sweep” or “paint.” The characteristics of balayage hair are bright around the face, blended at the roots, lighter ends, and effortlessly natural. Cassanova explains, “Think undone, cool surfer chick hair, almost like you spent a summer at the beach.” Despite the fact that balayage is often associated with going blonde, the same process can also be utilised to produce caramel, espresso, or even pastel strands. To obtain a very naturally blended, lightened look, employ the balayage technique.


The Negatives of Balayaging 


According to our specialists, the outcome of your balayage will depend on your natural hair colour and its tones (such as warm, neutral, or cool). When receiving balayage, “those with really dark hair sometimes pull highly red/orange warm tones,” according to Cassanova. “Balayage is probably not for you if you don’t like warm tones in your hair. Depending on your natural hair colour, brassiness can develop in the hair more quickly than it would with conventional highlights.” 


Satorn concurs, stating that it may be very challenging to obtain your ideal tone with balayage if there is even a tiny amount of warmth in your hue. I enjoy doing balayage to customers that appreciate a little warmth to contrast with their highlight.


Is Balayage ok for natural hair!


Cassanova claims that balayage is a little gentler on all hair types than other, more conventional methods of lightening the hair, especially curly-haired ladies who risk their curl patterns by going lighter. She explains that because there is no heat held inside of any foils, your hair will lift more quickly, which can occasionally result in damage if over-processed.


How to Get Ready for Balayaging


Always provide several images that illustrate your goal: For stylists, there are a plethora of terms and techniques with various connotations. Using images to highlight specific elements makes it simpler to reach consensus among all parties.


If properly cared for, balayage hair can last up to four months. The best in fashion and beauty appear to originate in France, and balayage is no exception. The term “balayage” comes from the French verb “balayer,” which means “to sweep,” and refers to a highlighting process that was created in the 1970s by French hair colorists. No foils are utilised.


It may be achieved on any length of hair, from long waves to short pixie cuts, as well as upon colour, with the goal of producing a natural, sun-kissed impression. Although multi-tonal blonde highlights are the most popular type of balayage, any colour combination can be used.


Why is it the best and Cost effective process?

It has a low maintenance cost

because the hair grows out smoothly and doesn’t have any noticeable regrowth lines, balayage often requires considerably less hair maintenance than standard colour. The best strategy for a modern lady who is also busy is one that allows you to go longer between hair visits.

The reason why the Balayage Hair Colour treatment is so well-liked is that it results in a colour that is soft, blended, and looks natural. The result will depend on whether you want a subtle or a strong style for your hair.

Balayage highlights are the term used to describe how a hair colorist crafts the colour effect that gives hair that softer, sun-kissed appearance.

How to Prepare for the Process

Your colorist chooses by hand which strands or areas of hair will receive the lightener treatment when performing balayage. For a more dimensional appearance, lightener is typically placed more heavily on the face-framing sections of the hair, the ends, and the top layer of hair. 

Your hairdresser will often leave out a few portions of the hair and not dye or lighten them, depending on your base colour and your desired outcome. This contributes to the balayage’s signature blend of soft, three-dimensional, and blended looks.

How do you apply balayage?

Balayage is painted on the top of the hair strand and is only fully saturated at the very tips. This guarantees a seamless, blended application of colour. Because neither foil or meche are used to create the highlights, it can also be referred to as a freehand technique.


There are several things to remember between treatments to help maintain your hair healthy and your colour looking its best, even while balayage does allow for fewer salon visits spaced farther apart. Vioz advises performing a gloss or touch-up on the hairline as one example. In-between toning will assist retain the ideal tone, and hairline touch-ups will help preserve brightness.

Vioz thinks that moisture-rich shampoos and conditioners are essential outside of the salon. The colour on the ends may seem dry more quickly since the ends get so saturated with balayage application, he claims.Bring clean hair: According to Satorn, “I love doing balayage on clean hair because I know there isn’t a buildup of product, dirt, or grease that may delay the lifting process.”

Wear your preferred hairstyle: Whether you wear your hair straight or curly will affect how your colorist paints your balayage. Therefore, stylists can better put highlights if you arrive with your hair arranged the way you usually do.

How should Balayage Hair Colour be cared for?

The Balayage Hair Colouring method requires less maintenance because it is less structured and more natural-looking. Simply continue the standard Balayage Hair Colour & care regimen since there are no regrowth lines and the colour grows out quickly. Use products for your hair that are sulfate-free and color-safe, condition your hair after each wash, and use a hair mask once a week. Avoid taking hot showers, and do your best to limit the use of heat styling.


Balayage is a type of lightening that entails keeping some of your natural foundation colour but lightening the face-framing hair, the ends, and the top layer of hair that faces the outside. The ideal procedure for achieving your desired hue may or may not be balayage, which is a technique for lightening rather than a specific colour. 

You should make that decision jointly with your colorist. If your colorist does suggest balayage depending on the condition of your hair and the colour you want, you’ll be happy to know that it looks more natural, results in softer grow-out at your roots and fewer noticeable demarcation lines than standard highlights. Overall, it’s a fantastic method.



There is, indeed! Balayage is an entirely free-hand method of highlighting specific hair strands. More of a two-tone design with a distinct transition, ombre. In order to combine the two areas, the full bottom of your hair must be bleached before a lightener is progressively faded upward.

  • Why Has Balayging Become So Popular?

The method, which provides total control over the colour application, enables less overgrowth and better contrast in the hair. The highlights in the finished product are the most realistic ever. Because neither heat or foils are used in the process, the “lines” that the foils leave behind are removed, leaving the hair in perfect condition with no stripes.

  • Can short hair be coloured using balayage?

Yes, Balayage Hair Colour procedures can be used on short hair, and males can also choose to have hair highlights. The goal is to keep the natural flow of colour by applying it using methods similar to those used on longer hair.

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Everything You Need to Know About Balayage Hair Colour

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