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Match the Fall Foliage with These Seasonal Looks

Match the Fall Foliage with These Seasonal Looks from Our Vioz Hair Colorist

Fall Foliage is the most Instagram able season of the year thanks to pumpkin spice everything, many layers, and the changing hues of the leaves. For students, parents, and teachers, it’s also back-to-school time, so now is the ideal time to change up your appearance. Our Vioz hair colorist explains how to wear caramel, cinnamon, and gold in your hair just as well as you would in your decorations in this week’s blog.

Copper Red Zendaya made her red hair debut for the Spider-Man: Far From Home press tour, arriving early to the celebration this year. Everyone will be able to tell that you adore fall thanks to the stunning copper tones! Visit our Vioz hair salon to make it happen if you’re ready to go red.

Highlights in caramel

It can be found on your festival candy apple, in your pumpkin-shaped desk bowl, and in your latte. Now, caramel can also be found in your hair. A simple way to give your hair more volume and gloss, add dimension, and brighten up your look with a warm glow is with caramel highlights, particularly caramel balayage.

The colour chocolate

The colour chocolate
The colour chocolate

Chocolate is a wise, mature option that is currently very popular if you want a big change but are a little less adventurous. If you want to go darker but aren’t quite ready for black hair, this shade is ideal, and since Halloween is all about chocolate, you won’t look out of place.

Ombre Cinnamon

For balayage and highlights with a fall theme, caramel isn’t the only choice. Your face can also be made more radiant for the new, chilly season by adding a few accents of cinnamon colour here and there. Similar to caramel highlights, cinnamon ombre creates depth to give hair a fuller, shinier appearance. That’s

Gold Balancing

“Gold is nature’s first green and her most difficult hue to hold,” With a soft, golden balayage, you can honour the Robert Frost poem and commemorate the season. We advise a softer, more wearable honey shade that falls on the blonde spectrum but isn’t too extreme, as opposed to the icy blonde you might prefer for the winter. The soft, natural-looking highlights used in the balayage technique can help bring out the gold in a stunning, understated way.

Do you require a skilled hair colorist?

To get one of these stunning Fall Foliage looks, visit Vioz Salon in right away for high-quality hair colouring at a low cost. Ombre highlights, balayage, hair gloss treatments, keratin treatments, Brazilian blowouts, and other hairstyles are among our Vioz hair salon’s specialties.

Match the Fall Foliage with These Seasonal Looks

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