New Batch Starting From 30th September 2023
  • Duration:12 Weeks
  • Enrolled:12 Students
  • Lectures:84 Lectures
  • Language:English, Hindi
  • Level:Advanced
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Complete Profesional Hair course

A talented hairstylist is like a magician; he has the magic to beautify a person even with no makeup look. If he wants, then he can create master beauty, and at the same time, if he does not put his front foot forward, he can indeed ruin a person's appearance.

Are you still struggling to find a perfect course to become a professional hairstylist? To get the ball rolling, all you have to do is enroll in our Professional Hairstyling Course. This course is for all those who want to become Professional Hairstylists.For beginners, it's high time that you learn the ropes to become a professional. Vioz academy is the place that motivates the new talent and gives them a platform to learn. And for those who know the basics but want to learn more, then you're in the right place.

Every beginner is on the same page, but when they come to Vioz academy excels in the field of hairstyling by learning from the best professional team.

The main focus of our trainers is to give practical experience to the students so that when they enter on the ground, they enter with a good experience and a strong portfolio. The Professional Hair Styling Course is for those who want to become a Professional Hairstylist and earn a name and fame in the hairstyling industry.

Along with practical knowledge, we provide a training manual for the students with all the essential theoretical knowledge about Hair Styling. In the manual, we have mentioned all the techniques and styles that are important for the students to achieve a perfect hairstyle for all occasions, i.e., bridal, party, house parties, etc. From half-up do's to advance hair do's, we have tried not to leave any loophole. The manual will help you in gaining proper ground knowledge in this field.

Course duration and class hours

  • The duration of this course is two weeks, including your exam and certification.
  • Class timings will be 2 hours a day, theory and practice accordingly.


There are no specific eligibility criteria for our Professional Hairstyling Course. Candidates can enroll themselves whenever they feel that they need to learn more about Professional Hairstyling. There is no compulsion to have previous knowledge of hairstyles or related services.

Why are we the Best Professional Hair Academy near you?

There are many well-known best professional hair academies near you, but we can guarantee you that once you visit our Vioz academy, you will get to know why we're the best and will forget about all other academies. From basic to advance, we have covered everything in our course. Our trained and proficient team will be guiding the students. They are very friendly, and they take proper precautions while teaching. Our academy follows all the Covid related precautions. They make you feel comfortable with the different types of equipment, and you start enjoying this field.

The end decision is on you which academy you prefer to choose, but we will advise you to choose the best for yourself.For your convenience, we have written down the index of our professional hair styling course. Do look for a better understanding.

Index of Professional Hair Styling Course.

  • Day 1-  Introduction of Hair and products
  • Day 2 & 3-  Sectioning and self Blow-dry Techniques
  • Day 4-  Braiding Techniques
  • Day 5 & 6-  Basic Tool Using Techniques Like curling, tonging, etc
  • Day 7-  Basic Up Dos for bridals
  • Day 8, 9 &10-  Advance hair styling
  • Day 11-  Practice for exam and query day
  • Day 12-  Examination & Certification

This course is designed to give the students all the knowledge about hairstyles. We have covered from basic like sharing an overview of Hairstyling techniques to advance, like getting the idea of innovative hair styling. We ensure that our course covers everything essential to become a professional hairstylist.

The above information was just a glimpse of the course that we will be teaching you and which will make you a professional hairstylist. We promise you that you can see your bright future in this field after completing this course. Vioz academy is here to put the beautiful talent in you and enhance the skill of those who already know about this field.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Best Hair Styling Academy in Delhi, Vioz Academy provides the best courses for affordable fees.

Actual Price

INR 128000

Course Highlights
  • New Batch Starting From 30th September 2023
  • Experience Trainer
  • EMI Options Available
  • Practice Materials Included: Makeup Products.
  • Certification
  • Scholarship
  • Placement Opportunities

The length of a hairdressing course can vary depending on the level and intensity of the course. Generally, a basic hairdressing course can take around 6 to 12 months to complete, while advanced courses can take up to 2 years. At Vioz Academy, the hairdressing course syllabus covers everything from basic hair cutting and styling techniques to more advanced coloring and chemical treatments. The duration of the course at Vioz Academy is 12 months, providing students with ample time to master the skills required to become a successful hairdresser.

To become a hair stylist after 12th, you can enroll in a course in hair styling from a reputed institute like Vioz Academy. They offer comprehensive training programs that cover all aspects of hair styling and provide hands-on experience. Upon completion of the course, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a professional hair stylist. You can start your career by working in a salon or even opening your own business. With the right training and dedication, you can build a successful career in the exciting world of hair styling.

Hairdressing can be an excellent career choice for those who are passionate about styling hair and helping clients feel their best. Hairdressers have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including salons, spas, and even as a freelance celebrity stylist. Additionally, there is always a demand for skilled hairdressers, making it a stable career option. With proper training and experience, a hairdressing career can be financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. Whether you dream of owning your own salon or working with high-profile clients, a career as a hairdresser can open many doors to success.

A career in hair can be incredibly rewarding for those who are passionate about the beauty industry. There are many different paths to take, including becoming a professional hair stylist, colorist, or even owning your own salon. To excel in this field, it's important to have a natural eye for detail and an artistic flair, as well as excellent customer service skills. With the right education and training, anyone can become a successful hair professional. At Vioz Academy, we offer comprehensive courses and training programs to help aspiring stylists become the best professional hair stylists they can be.

A hair diploma is a certification that validates your knowledge and skills in the field of hair styling and care. Hair diploma courses provide comprehensive training on various aspects of hairdressing, including hair cutting, coloring, styling, and treatments. These courses are designed to prepare individuals for a career in the hair industry, and they typically involve both theoretical and practical training. By obtaining a hair diploma, you can demonstrate to employers and clients that you possess the necessary expertise and professionalism to provide high-quality hair services. At Vioz Academy, you can choose from a range of hair diploma courses that suit your career aspirations and interests.

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Vioz academy is considered one of the top-notch academies in Delhi, Gurgaon, and NCR. We have a team of Professional Makeup Artists and Hairstylists who share their knowledge, skills, and creativity with the students. Their main aim is to take pride in their student's work so that whenever the students enter the industry, they can make their clients happy and satisfied. We provide classes on Nail Art CoursesProfessional Makeup Artist Courses,  Hairstyling Courses, etc. After completing the course, we assist students in making their portfolios and helps them in cracking ample opportunities in their field.

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