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5 Hair Coloring Tips for Fine Hair From Our Vioz Academy Stylist

5 Hair Coloring Tips for Fine Hair From Our Vioz Salon Stylist

Some hair colors are preferable for thin hair because they assist in achieving a thicker and more saturated look, according to top hair system specialists.Hair Coloring Tips are crucial for achieving a beautiful and healthy hair color, especially when it comes to fine hair.  . 

Unfortunately, many men and women are unaware of the hair colors that conceal shedding while giving the appearance of thicker hair.

You’ve found the proper location if you’re looking for hair colors in 2023 that can provide the illusion of depth and thicker hair. Just for you, Vioz Salon has put together a list of the top 10 hair colors for thin hair

1. Different types of hair colors

These hair colors will undoubtedly help you get that luscious, voluminous sensation, regardless of whether you have thin hair or damaged tresses:

  • Neutral blonde

Since its introduction to the human species 11,000 years ago, blonde hair has become popular among both men and women—one of the most popular hair colors for thin hair worldwide due to its vibrancy and casual appeal.

This hair color, produced by mixing an equal number of warm and cool tones, looks particularly gorgeous on ladies with fair skin and fine hair. Vioz Salon advises dyeing your fine hair a neutral blonde color rather than warm tones like honey blonde or pearly tints.

  • Rainbow color

The rainbow hair color fad has developed into a distinct category. Nowadays, pastel or neon-colored hair is equally as common to see as blond or brown hair. It’s simple to understand why: It’s entertaining, it makes a statement, and in the world of significant hair changes, it’s rather transient. Rainbow hair also has a cool-girl feel that we as a culture can’t seem to get rid of; while Lady Gaga’s pink hair is less scandalous than Kate Moss’s was in the 1990s, it’s still very badass.

  • Brown hair color – Like Choloclaote 

The most popular hair colors at the moment are brown, but blondes and redheads still get a lot of attention. Brown-colored brown hair can give both men and women the appearance of having thicker, fuller hair.Hair Coloring Tips 

A sense of elegance and sophistication will also be evoked by brownish chocolate because of its rich, deep, cool brown color. Most complexions, especially those with olive and dark skin, look better with this hair color. To give your hair a more three-dimensional appearance, lightly highlight it with an auburn color.

  • Dark blonde

Consider light brown and blonde hairstyles. The Muted dark blonde color is somewhere between these two. This hair color is generally referred to as the darkest member of the blonde family because it is paler than a brunette.

For people who want to combat thin hair and hair damage while also lowering maintenance expenditures, muted dark blonde is a great hue. The appearance of a full head of hair will be created by this hair color for thin hair by adding the appearance of solidity.

  • Auburn

Auburn signifies a variation of red hair that ranges in colors from medium to dark and is a wonderful choice for thin hair. When paired with gentle curls or waves, this daring hair color, which is sometimes described as reddish-brown or dark ginger, will help you divert all the negative attention from your thin hair.

Women with naturally wavy hair might choose a medium brown for the roots and a gorgeous auburn as the main hue for a fresh take on the thin hair and auburn hair color. Purplish-brown base color and auburn in a balayage highlight style are the perfect combinations for curly-haired women to create a stunning appearance.

  • Blonde with turquoise accents

One of the simplest ways to instantly alter your appearance is by coloring your hair, but embracing a new color can occasionally be challenging, especially if you have never done it before. Take a few hair strands and color them a shade lighter or darker than your natural blonde hair if you are nervous.

No, we’re not referring to brown or red; rather, we’re talking about a cooler shade like turquoise. If blue is one of your favorite hues, you will adore how well it goes with light blonde hair. Both men and women are using this hair color to claim depth and dimension!

2. Choose the right color

Choosing the right color for your fine hair is crucial. Lighter shades can make your hair appear thicker, while darker shades can weigh your hair down and make it look limp. If you want to go for a darker shade, try choosing a semi-permanent color instead of a permanent one. Semi-permanent colors are gentler on your hair and can give you a more natural-looking result.

3. Hair Coloring Tips 

  • Ash grey

We love how young people with thin hair are going completely ash grey. All hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly, look great in dark, smoky tones. The nicest feature of this hair color is how gorgeous it looks on people of all skin tones.

Ash grey may require some maintenance to keep its dark, smoky appearance, but it is great for giving the appearance of dense hair. To further glam up the appearance, women are adding metallic streaks in addition to the ash-grey root.

  • Purple

One hair color trend that appears to be growing in popularity among young individuals with thin, damaged hair is purple. This color not only makes it simple to disguise thinning hair but also highlights the eye color and gives a youthful look because of the wide range of rich palettes and colors available.

To get plum hair color, both men and women can experiment with blending deep purple hues with tinges of brown.

  • Green

Credit for the green hair trend’s enormous advancements over the past few years goes to celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, and Billie Eilish. It is a high-fashion, natural hair color that is known for being colorful, funky, and playful and will undoubtedly make wearers the center of attention everywhere they go.

If men and women don’t want to go green, they can incorporate it into ombre, lowlights, and other coloring techniques. Just be sure to take great care of and maintain your green strands to keep them fresh since they have a tendency to fade rather rapidly.

  • Black naturally

Without mentioning the traditional natural black, our list of the best hair colors for damaged or naturally thin hair will fall short. In contrast to blonde, this dark hair color naturally has a tendency to make the scalp appear thicker because it is more noticeable.

Natural black hair is beautiful and quite popular among Asian and African groups. It is possible to achieve it organically by combining henna and indigo, in contrast to several of the hair colors listed before. If you’re attempting the color for the first time, make sure to ask your colorist for natural black hair rather than jet black. But if you come to Vioz Salon, you only need to sit back and relax.

4. Tips for Hair Coloring  results

  • Choose a color for your hair

Everyone’s perception of color varies. You won’t necessarily wind up with the same hair color just because you and your best buddy utilize the same hue. 

Consider the state of your hair, your initial color, and how much processing has been done because color develops slightly differently for each individual.

  • Your skin tone is important

Choose a color that goes well with the tone of your skin. For instance, choose ashy blondes and mahogany brunettes instead of warm or golden hair colors if your coloring is cool (fair, rosy skin with blue, green, or grey eyes). If you’re warm or cool, check this out.

  • When in doubt, take a light shade

It is considerably easier to fix a lighter tone if you are not happy with the results. The majority of box colors turn out darker than you anticipate, so unless you’re positive, pick a color that appears a little lighter than you prefer the finished product to be.

  • Try a temporary first

Choose a non-permanent color if you’re merely coloring for fun or to try something new. This type of hair dye will wash out more quickly, similar to Soft Color (from up to 8 to up to 24 shampoos dependent on the product to use). Therefore, it will wash off more quickly if you don’t like it. Therefore, if you dislike it, it will wash off faster. Additionally, the outcomes are typically closer to your natural hair color, preventing you from making an extreme modification.

5. Use a color-protecting shampoo

After you’ve colored your hair, it’s essential to use a color-protecting shampoo. Fine hair is more vulnerable to damage, and the chemicals in the dye can strip your hair of its natural oils. A color-protecting shampoo can help maintain the vibrancy of your hair color while also protecting your hair from further damage.

  • Start with little adjustments.

Stay within one to three tones of your current or natural hue instead of making a drastic change. For instance, if your hair is dark and you want to go platinum blonde, visit your local Vioz hair salon and leave it to the professionals.

It usually takes longer to process hair with a larger diameter and more coarse texture since the color needs more time to absorb. Smaller diameter, finer hair typically absorbs color more quickly, requiring less processing time.

Make use of hair care products made for colored hair. Try hair treatments as well to maintain your color’s beauty between colorings.



The first time you color your hair, you should seek the services of a qualified professional. A skilled hairstylist will explain the ideal color for you according to your skin tone.

The best approach to ensure you are not allergic to the chemicals and that your hair will achieve the results you want without harm is to have a professional perform a strand test.


Semi-permanent hair color cannot lift hair because it does not include peroxide; instead, it can only make hair darker. The color only lasts for six to twelve shampoos because it only colors the hair’s outermost layer. This is a great alternative to try if you’re worried that you won’t like the color. Additionally, because semi-permanent does not lift, it will enhance the shine and health of the hair.

Contrary to semi-permanent color, demi-permanent hair color contains less peroxide and may slightly lighten the hair coloring tips.

Demi-permanent colors have the pigment positioned between the cortex and the cuticle, prolonging its usable lifespan to 12 to 26 washes.

Permanent hair color – it is a permanent hair color that will persist till the colored strands fall out. Permanent hair dye can lighten hair up to four levels, but going beyond that could damage the hair.


All of this will depend on how your hair looks. The best course of action is to go over your options with your hairstylist. Waiting until your hair is in better condition or, if you have damaged hair until the color fades is probably a good idea. Speak to your stylist about a color-correcting service if you don’t like the color of your hair. 

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5 Hair Coloring Tips for Fine Hair From Our Vioz Academy Stylist

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