• Duration:12 Weeks
  • Enrolled:12 Students
  • Lectures:84 Lectures
  • Language:English
  • Level:Advance

Professional MakeUp Course


A successful professional makeup artist is one who is proficient in her work, matches the demand of the client, and leaves no loophole. There are various aspects which help you in becoming successful in this field. You can learn about this in our professional makeup course.
        The professional makeup course is for those who want to become professional makeup artists and earn a name and fame in the makeup industry. In this course, we will be starting from basic knowledge like leveling a foundation to correcting makeup, just like a pro-level makeup artist.  
        Our course will cover theoretical knowledge along with practical experience. We will work with you throughout the course until you become a professional and are ready to graduate. Our training manual is an ace in the hole. It will help you in gaining ground in this field. We assure you that you will learn many new makeup techniques and makeup styles in our academy. Our aim is that our students should achieve the widest range of experience and knowledge through this course. Our ultimate professional makeup artist course is for those already in this field and beginners.


There are no specific eligibility criteria for our professional makeup course. Candidates can enroll themselves whenever they feel that they need to learn more about professional makeup.

There is no compulsion to have previous knowledge of makeup or related services.


  •  Sanitation
  •  Skin theory
  •  Corrector and concealer
  •  Foundation base    
  •  Corrective makeup
  •  Blush
  •  Eyebrows            
  •  Eyeshadows  
  •  Eyeliner              
  •  Eyelashes            
  •  Lips  
  •  Day makeup and evening makeup
  •  Bridal makeup
  •  Makeup for mature skin and makeup for men
  •  Airbrush makeup      

Course duration and class hours

  • The duration of this course is two months, including your exam and certification.
  • Class timings will be 5 hours a day and five days a week, including theory and practice accordingly.

Information on the professional makeup course

Professional makeup course is formed or designed in such a way that it can benefit makeup artists for catwalk shows, photography, weddings, movies, TV, theatre, and other generally filmed events. For attracting the artist from these fields, your makeup skills should be on point, and your products must be of good quality, this is what we teach you in our course.

In this makeup course, you can choose from classes like self-makeup for the wedding to be a professional. You can also learn the most popular bridal makeup techniques. So, it's all up to you what kind of professional you want to be in the field of makeup.But one thing that is confirmed is our academy will always guide or help you in every possible direction.

Why are we the best professional makeup academy near you?

You can find many well-known best professional makeup academies near you, but we can guarantee you that once you visit our Vioz academy, you will forget about all other academies. We have trained and experienced professionals who will be guiding the students. We have a friendly staff, and they take proper precautions while teaching. Our academy follows all the covid related precautions. They make you feel comfortable with the different types of equipment, and you start enjoying this field.  
        The end decision is on you which academy you prefer to choose, but we will advise you to choose the best for yourself. For your convenience, we have written down the index of our professional makeup artist course. Do give a look for a better understanding.

A glimpse of our Professional makeup artist course

Day 1- Introduction /hygiene/ tools/ products/ skin type/ undertone & shades
Day 2- Types of foundation/ colour correcting/ concealing/conture balance
Day 3- Facial shape analysis/corrective makeup/face sculpting (face charts)
Day 4- Corrective makeup- highlight, eye shadow & blush
Day 5- Eyebrows- shaping, filling, and colouring
Day 6- Eyebrows+ foundation + contouring + highlighting + blush
Day 7- Corrective eye shadow
Day 8- Eyeliner- natural+ fashion+ glamour
Day 9- Full face complexion +corrective shadow + eyeliner
Day 10- Lip correction- red+ pink+ nude
Day 11- Face chart
Day 12- Natural/day makeup
Day 13- Glamour/evening makeup
Day 14- Smokey eye look
Day 15- Makeup for photography
Day 16- Makeup for men
Day 17- TV, film, and newspaper
Day 18- Practice+ query day
Day 19- Fundamental written exam
Day 20- Fundamental exam (day and evening makeup)
Day 21- Bridal: Introduction/ western bridal look
Day 22- Bridal: Mehandi / Haldi look
Day 23- Bridal: Traditional Indian bride/Punjabi bride
Day 24- Bridal: Arabic bridal look
Day 25- Bridal exam: Written
Day 26- Airbrush: Introduction + machine handling + cleaning + practice
Day 27- Airbrush: Complexion
Day 28- Airbrush: Cocktail look
Day 29- Practice+ query day of Airbrush
Day 30- Exam
Day 31- Hair styling: Introduction + theory +tools + products+ gadgets+ sectioning
Day 32- Blow drying techniques + different curling techniques
Day 33- Ironing, crimping, waving techniques+ bradings and back combings
Day 34- Basic hair do's
Day 35- Half up do's
Day 36- Advance styling techniques
Day 37- Bridal exam: Practical + photo-shoot
Day 38- Makeup History 1920-1930
Day 39- Makeup History 1940-1950
Day 40- Makeup History 1960-1970
Day 41- Makeup History 1980-1990
Day 42- Trending look
Day 43- Wet look/skincare advertisements
Day 44- Fashion: Introduction
Day 45- Fashion: Neon looks
Day 46- Fashion: Avante gaurde/houte conture
Day 47- Fashion: liners looks
Day 48- Fashion exam
Day 49- Stage makeup & showstoppers
Day 50- Creative & fantasy
Day 51- Creative & fantasy
Day 52- Creative & fantasy: face charts
Day 53- Creative & fantasy
Day 54- Creative & fantasy
Day 55- Headgear making
Day 56- Exam preparation+ Head gear making+ queries+ final selection of exam look
Day 57- Exam preparation +Head gear making+ queries+ final selection of exam look
Day 58- Final exam day
Day 59- Graduation day
Day 60- After Party :)

The above information was the summary of the course that we will be teaching you and which will make you a professional makeup artist. You can see your bright future in this field. We are here to put this beautiful talent in you and enhance the skill of those who already know this field.


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Acctual Price

INR 170000

Course Features
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