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Welcome To Vioz Academy

Vioz Academy is an initiative by the Professional Artists of Vioz Salon. The academy is stacked with experts who have spent a long time in the field of makeup and beauty industry. We offer Professional Makeup Courses, Nail Art Course, Hair Styling Courses,Self MakeUp Courses and many more. These courses help aspiring makeup artists kick start their careers in the industry, helps those who want to refine their makeup skills, and those individuals who are interested in knowing the fundamentals of next-level makeup. Experts will give classes through a pragmatic approach and will give personal attention to each student. The emphasis is on fostering student’s practical skills. We strive to build a close relationship with each student in order to know their weakness and strength so that we can work on them. To learn more about us, look at our other sections.

With Vioz Academy You Get

 Vioz Academy

1. Live Classes

2. Q&A session

3. Vioz Academy affiliated with cyberninza

4. High expert celebrity trainers

5. Certificate , diploma, advance diploma and master course

6. Course fee is very low compared to other international courses

7. Internship provided to all students

8. Job placement is very good (100% assistance).

9. Lifetime membership for all courses.

10. Workshops

11. EMI & Offers

12. Scholarship

13. Study Materials

14. Certificate verification

15. Facility

Few reasons why you should choose us

A young, ambitious yet value centric focused Makeup Academy brand aspiring to create a niche in the industry with its innovative approach and value proposition to its Students.

Right Trainer

It is essential to get the proper training from the right trainer. We have professionals who will give theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge to the students. The main focus will be on the practical application of what is being taught in the class.

Time Management

One of the critical aspects that cannot be ignored while doing makeup is to manage time. We teach our students how to buck up with their speed without compromising the quality of makeup.

Proper knowledge

At Vioz Academy, students need not worry about anything because we teach them from primary to advance. From holding a brush to applying a highlighter, we leave no loopholes in our courses.

Placement opportunities

Getting good placement is a key focus of many students. At Vioz Academy, we provide internship and placement opportunities for our students so that they don’t have to worry about where to start.


Along with proper knowledge, we provide our students with valid certificates so that they can practice in any corner of the world.

Covid Precautions

In this era of coronavirus, we make sure that we take all the necessary precautions while teaching. From sanitizers to proper cleaning, we provide all the basic facilities required to protect the students from infection.

Our Courses

Self Makeup Course
Professional Makeup Program
Basic Makeup
All Bridal Makeup
Basic To Advance Makeup
Basic to advance Makeup + Basic Hair Styling
Master Program
Profesional Nails art & nail extension
Basic to Advance Hair Styling
Complete Profesional Hair course
Advance hair styling
Hair Cutting Course
Professional Hair Course

ENQUIRY FORM For Free Career Counselling

By clicking on Submit, I allow Vioz Academy to contact me, and use & share my personal data as per the Privacy Policy.

Makeup Academy In Prayagraj

Are you looking for the Best Makeup Academy in Prayagraj and skilled makeup artists who can make you stand out with their artistic vision and skills? Vioz Academy would be your best option if you answered yes. We have a solid reputation as the Best Makeup Academy in Prayagraj, Delhi, thanks to our commitment to providing every one of our valued clients with superior beauty services.

For the Professional Makeup Course, Beautician Makeup Course, Hair Styling Course, Self Makeup Course, Nail Art Course and Beauty Courses, Vioz Academy has long been regarded as one of the most prestigious Makeup Academies in Prayagraj.

Why Choose Us

You will be confident that you can succeed as a Makeup Artist in a premier makeup company if you are taught by certified experts and top Makeup Artist today.

The knowledge you acquire from Professionals will be invaluable to you in the future. They can help you get started in one of the most reputable and lucrative makeup industries.

By exploring the traditional themes in Bridal Makeup Course, cultural orientations of makeup design, and understanding how to transition the actual client requirements, our program encourages students to investigate the newest makeup trends.

The first-year student gains product knowledge and is aware of the variety of cosmetics. Additionally, students learn how to market their companies to a large clientele.

One-on-one training, 100% job assistance, results-driven social media and marketing training to advance your career and many other features that will increase your Professional Career are what set us apart from other academies. That's just the start of our training for you.

Enroll Right Away, and We'll Help You Become a Beauty Industry Star!

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